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Oregon's September Canada Goose Season
by Tim Rozewski

For years now September has been more than the opening of dove and grouse season, more than the opening of bow elk season, it's been the start of the waterfowl season here in Oregon. Ok, maybe not the start, but a great pre-season worth the price of admission!

Here in the west, the honker has learned that flying south doesn't get them away from the traffic, the long lines at the grocery store, nor bring them the quality of food that many of them get right here in the winter. For that, many Westerns have just stayed. Now deemed as "resident" birds, these honkers have it real good! With big, warm waters for roosting; Oats, Barley, Wheat, and a mix of vege crops, like corn, for a salad bar, these birds have no reason to go on vacation! This in turn has caused the Department of Fish and Wildlife to instigate an early season to manage the resident population and reduce the amount of depredations the birds cause on local crops.

Being it's still summer, the hunting is very pleasant, and you can really make big efforts to take the kids for a full day hunt without them getting too cold. Remember, you hook the kids on something like hunting or fishing once, and they are hooked for life.

These birds are very susceptible to calling and decoying, as they either haven't seen them for several months, or they are this year's juvenile birds. We also are able to film the early season birds that you often don't see after the first frost or feeze, such as Specklebelly (White-fronted) geese and cinnamon wing teal. We usually have dozens of ducks swarming the decoys, just like you dream of all winter long.

To hunt the September season, you must have a valid Oregon hunting license, an Oregon Waterfowl stamp/validation, and a Federal Waterfowl stamp. You are allowed 5 Canadian Geese per hunter, per day. Like all hunts, bring the decoys, the coffin blinds, and a good call....and a good retriever. In our case, the dog stayed at the truck and my daughter chased 18 honkers down with a vengeance; quite the sight to see, she's hooked!

~Good Huntin' - Tim

For more information about Oregon's September Canada Goose hunts, contact us!