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This year in Oregon we did not draw our first season controlled elk tags. We were forced to hunt a very difficult Second Season hunt that limits the hunter to harvesting "Spike Only" bull elk. We have been successful in this unit for over 15 years now and this year was no exception. We were some of the only hunters in the area that tagged any animals. Because we know the area so well, we were able to hunt it very thoroughly in several inches of snow.

Just because you didn't draw your first choice for your controlled elk hunt, don't overlook the "Spike Only" Second Seasons. Remember that 90% of the harvest from an "any bull" hunt in Oregon are spikes anyway. Let other hunter's discouragement be your motivation.

From left to right (Bill's 12th bull, Tim's 7th bull, Dave's 1st bull, Darin's 3rd bull, and Harvey's 3rd bull).

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by Tim Rozewski