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Welcome to OM's Outdoor Journal. OM and Team West are involved in many outdoor recreational adventures. You may find us hunting or fishing from Alaska to Africa ­ check back often for new journals.

What's the best Tuna...?
[see the journal]August 2007

Warning, if you chase tuna once, you'll have to attend TA meetings later!

Sounds of September ­ Canadian Geese?
[see the journal]September 2006

Hunting the big resident honkers in the Summer is almost Sinful!

Crane Prairie Reservoir ­ Rainbow Trout
[see the journal]June 2006

Crane Prairie is becoming one of the top bassin' locations in the Pacific Northwest, but it's still where we find the lunker trout that lurk.

Reading Between the Lines
[see the journal]July 2004

Ensure you know the sturgeon regulations, line by line, before you go. Then...enjoy the moment!

In Search of an Oregon Picnic Table...
[see the journal]May 2004

Oregon's Halibut may not be Alaskan "barn door" sized, but ours are big enought to eat on!

Just for the Halibut
[see the journal]May 2004

May is prime time for an annual Pacific Halibut fishing trip...or two!

Fall Chinook are Kid's Play
[see the journal]August 2003

Sunny weather, enquiring eyes of a child, and big hungry chinook....I can practically hear the reel screamin' now!

The Chase is on....for Bobcat
[see the journal]February 2003

You can still hear the magical sound of hounds in Oregon's deep country.

Oh...to draw a Pronghorn tag...
[see the journal]September 2002

Drawing your tag may be the hard part. By making the most of your hunt, it will be worth the wait.

Oregon's Spring & Fall Black Bear
[see the journal]May 2002

Oregon's Black Bear populations are growing fast, making this state a honey hole for bruins.

Northwest Special Permit ­ Goose Hunt
[see the journal] January 2002

The Northwest Special Permit Goose Season is a very unique goose season like no other in the Pacific Flyway.

Northeast Oregon ­ Spike Only Elk Hunt
[see the journal]November 2001

Forced to hunt the Second Season hunt Spike Only Elk Hunt? Do your homework to make this difficult hunt more successful.

Columbia River ­ Oversized Sturgeon
[see the journal]July 2000

Kelly hooked us into several huge fish, and I must say we passed the pole several times.

Wild Billy Lake ­ Spring Fly Fishing for Trout
[see the journal]April 2000

Wild Billy Lake is a fly fisherman's and/or trout fisherman's dream come true.