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Northwest Special Permit Goose Season
by Tim Rozewski

The Northwest Special Permit Goose Season is a very unique goose season like no other in the Pacific Flyway. Western Oregon goose hunters participate in a cooperative program organized by the US Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This program is designed to protect the Dusky Canada Goose sub-species.

Of the seven sub-species of Canada geese, the Dusky is one of the sub-species that winter in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The Dusky population is in steady decline over the past few decades due in part to poor nesting habitat in Alaska.

Goose hunters who wish to hunt during this special goose hunt (Dec. 1 - Feb. 28) must pass a written examination, hunt between strict boundries and time frames, validate all geese in the field (much like tagging fish), check all bird into a check station immediately upon leaving the field, and adhear to strict landowner policies. Hunters are given a dusky goose punch card. If a hunter harvests a Dusky Canada goose, their card is punched and they can no longer hunt during this special permit season. They must then also re-take the written exam the following year.

This goose season, the highest percentage of goose harvest was of the Cackling Canada goose sub-species. This sub-species is just a little larger than a large mallard drake.

~Good Huntin' - Tim

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