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Wild Billy Lake
by Tim Rozewski

Welcome to the beautiful and mysterious Wild Billy Lake.

This is what you will hear from the outfitters at Wild Billy Lake when you book a fly fishing trip to this picturesque High Desert Lake. Located on the edge of South-Central Oregon's High Desert, Wild Billy Lake is a fly fisherman's and/or trout fisherman's dream come true.

Wild Billy offers one or multiple day, individual or party, guided or unguided, fly fishing (catch and release) adventures, with fish running well over 5 lbs.

While fish will take many different patterns, the most popular technique is slow nymphing. On most trips fishermen can expect to catch more than 20 fish a day with some days as high as 55 fish.

If you have ever wanted to fish a private lake full of big trout, this is the lake to do it in.

Contact us for more information about Wild Billy Lake, or contact Ron Thienes of Wild Billy Lake at 541-747-5595.